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It was just eight weeks ago that Thelma Soares last saw her daughter, Lori Hacking. What we have learned since has devastated two families and made news around the world.

On the night of July 18, Lori was packed and ready to follow her husband, Mark, to North Carolina so he could pursue his dream of medical school. The next morning, Mark called police to report his wife missing. Hundreds of people rushed to help authorities find her and Thelma pleaded for her daughter's safe return.

Then in a bizarre turn, Mark was found wandering naked at night in a parking lot. He was taken to a psychiatric ward and hospitalized. Just hours later, police discovered that not only was Mark not enrolled in medical school, but he had never even applied. Family and friends were stunned by this news of Mark's twisted deception. But Lori's family stood by him.

On August 2, 2004, Mark Hacking was arrested and charged with Lori's murder after confessing to his brothers that he did, indeed kill her.

Oprah: How are you doing?

Well, I try to live one day at a time and we've been busy doing things that had to be done. We had to have a memorial for her…I have gone through her clothing and her personal effects.
FROM: Exclusive: Lori Hacking's Mom Comes Forward
Published on September 14, 2004


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