A Governor's Confession
Jim McGreevey announces he is gay
Just two years ago, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey was a family man with a beautiful wife and two daughters by his side. He was also one of the most powerful governors in the country, with dreams of the White House. For decades he worked to shape his public image, all while hiding a secret he thought would destroy his career and his life—a secret he finally revealed to the world.

"I am a gay American. Shamefully, I engaged in an adult, consensual affair with another man. ... I have decided the right course of action is to resign," he said at a press conference two years ago, with his wife at his side.

In his brutally honest book, The Confession, Jim writes "the closet starves a man and when he gets a chance, he gorges 'til it sickens him."

For the first time, Jim talks exclusively about the private and agonizing story behind his very public fall from office.