Jim McGreevey and Oprah

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For years, New Jersey newspapers and radio shows speculated about Jim's sexuality, but inside the McGreevey household, Jim says the topic was never discussed.

Finally, days before Jim revealed his secret to the world, he sat his wife Dina down in the governor's mansion and made a painful admission. "I just said to her that I had done something very wrong. I had been involved in another relationship...a relationship with a man," Jim says.

At first, Jim says that Dina was stunned and very hurt. "There was anger subsequent to that—legitimate anger."

As New Jersey's first lady, Dina stood by Jim's side as he resigned from office. In photos, she looks calm and composed, but Jim says she collapsed a few days later. "I think the stress, the pressure, the pain of it all became almost unbearable for her to manage," he says. Dina and Jim are currently separated and a divorce is pending.
FROM: First Interview: Former Governor Jim McGreevey, His Gay Sex Scandal
Published on September 19, 2006