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As Jim struggled with his homosexuality, he created a family life for himself so that he could bury his true feelings and continue pursuing his political dreams.

After marrying his first wife Kari, Jim remembers thinking, "This is it." But after having one daughter, Jim and Kari divorced.

In October 2000, Jim married Dina in Washington, D.C. right across from the White House. So why did Jim marry another woman?

"To me, it was all tied together. The marriage ceremony, this beautiful wife, a career. It's all about pretending," Jim says. "You do it because you believe that being gay is wrong, is immoral, is a sin ... you want to be godly."

Jim says he wanted the "dream"—complete with a 50th wedding anniversary with parents, kids and grandkids. "You want Christmas. You want Easter. You want kids running around. And from when I grew up, being gay was something that was shameful, something that was an abomination, something that was ridiculed. Who the heck is running towards that?" Jim says.

"[Being gay] was something to be contained, something to be denied, something to be overcome, and eventually, something to be managed," he says.
FROM: First Interview: Former Governor Jim McGreevey, His Gay Sex Scandal
Published on September 19, 2006


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