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Jim continues to deal with his past in a very public way. His autobiography, The Confession, exposes shocking details about his double life. Jim hopes that his honest approach helps mend old wounds and encourages people living with a painful secret.

"[The book is] an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, an act of contrition to everybody I've pained," he says. "It's also, God willing, to ask people to have the courage to be who they are. ... If there's a gay kid [out] there, God bless him or her. Allow that kid to be gay. Allow that kid to be loved. Allow that kid to nourish and find godliness in her life. Don't ask people to change for our sake."

Jim says writing a book was an important part of his spiritual journey. Oprah also thinks the former governor's story will inspire many readers. "[Your book] will be a great help to all the people who are hiding from themselves," Oprah says.
FROM: First Interview: Former Governor Jim McGreevey, His Gay Sex Scandal
Published on September 19, 2006


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