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 The March 2008 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine features a special section called, "What's Standing Between You and—Ka-ching!—Financial Security."

Some important advice Suze offers in the magazine is on the smart way to rid yourself of credit card debt. "I will always think debt is bondage in its own right, and you'll never have financial freedom if you're in bondage." But Suze says many people who pay off their credit cards make a mistake. "Please do not shut down the credit card itself, because if you shut down the credit card, you actually hurt your FICO score," Suze says. "Just rip up those cards, but don't close down the account."

Another big question discussed in the issue is, "How can I afford to pay for my child's college tuition?" Suze says that isn't the most important thing. "You save for your child's education by teaching them a true education, which is: There's nothing wrong with saving yourself first," Suze says. "If you don't have money, you tell the kids they're going to have to do it on their own. But you are not to sacrifice your lives to pay for a college education for a child."

FROM: Suicide, Lies, Debt: A Suburban Nightmare
Published on March 14, 2008


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