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The star of Hotel Rwanda, Oscar®-nominated actor Don Cheadle was the first to sign on to Crash, not only as an actor but as a producer. "I think it spoke to a lot of things that a lot of people think but don't say and brought a lot of issues to the fore," he says. "It's really, in a good way, a sort of a slap in the face to the whole 'PC'ing' of everything, which kills conversation. It kills investigation."

Don says he expected Crash, in which he plays Detective Graham Waters, to be controversial since it's so uncompromising and politically incorrect. "I hope there are a lot of fights," he says. "I hope there are a lot of arguments. I hope people debate it because I think that's the only way to take [the topic of race] out from under the rock and say, 'No, let's talk about it.' Let's stop saying everything's okay, we're all the same. No, we're not all the same...I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in the differences, and I want to talk about it."
FROM: Are You a Racist? With the Cast of Crash
Published on October 06, 2005