A Cleanup Action Plan
Darius, Kristen and their five children
What does your house say about you? Organizational expert Peter Walsh, author of It's All Too Much, says your house is a metaphor for your life.

Darius and Kristen have five children, two dogsā€¦and 10 completely messy rooms. "Every surface seems to have something on it, and usually something that doesn't belong there," Kristen says.

While stay-at-home mom Kristen says she likes the "lived-in look," she says she doesn't have time to keep up a house full of seven people and likes to spend her time scrapbooking. Darius says he finds their messy house embarrassing.

"We fight about it a lot because I think it's really unacceptable that I come home from working 12, 15 hours a day and have to clean up," he says. "She stays at home and as far as I'm concerned, quite honestly, that's part of her role to keep the house clean."