A Cleanup Action Plan
Darius, Kristen and their five children
What does your house say about you? Organizational expert Peter Walsh, author of It's All Too Much, says your house is a metaphor for your life.

Darius and Kristen have five children, two dogs…and 10 completely messy rooms. "Every surface seems to have something on it, and usually something that doesn't belong there," Kristen says.

While stay-at-home mom Kristen says she likes the "lived-in look," she says she doesn't have time to keep up a house full of seven people and likes to spend her time scrapbooking. Darius says he finds their messy house embarrassing.

"We fight about it a lot because I think it's really unacceptable that I come home from working 12, 15 hours a day and have to clean up," he says. "She stays at home and as far as I'm concerned, quite honestly, that's part of her role to keep the house clean."