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Darius and Kristen's garage is an intimidating mess, but Peter says they need to think "F.A.S.T."

F) Fix a time and stick to it. He's given Darius and Kristen 10 minutes to do a "quick and dirty" sort. Then, haul out any item that fits in one of the following categories:

A) Anything you haven't used in a year

S) Stuff that doesn't belong

T) Trash. How much trash was in the Jackson's garage? Enough to completely fill a dumpster, with another huge pile that's going to charity.

Now Darius and Kristen are ready to deal with what's left. Peter says to sort what will stay into categorical piles like bicycles, tools and sports equipment. Eventually, everything will end up in separate zones in the garage.

Lowe's installed a Gladiator System, which is bolted to the wall and allows things to be stored off the ground. For the first time in years, Darius and Kristen can see their garage floor!
FROM: Nate and Clutter Expert Peter Walsh Team Up to Clean Up Your Life
Published on January 01, 2006