Eddie Bauer Slope Slide Down Parka

Eddie Bauer Slope Slide Down Parka
Whether you're playing in the yard with the kids or heading out for a night on the town, Adam says this sleek down coat is perfect for frosty days and freezing nights. "A down coat usually adds poundage, so you look bigger," he says. "Look at this seaming and all of this sort of stitching. It's like having a corset waist built right in."

Starting at $179, this coat also fits women of every size. "What I love about it is it comes in size extra-small to 3X, so every body can look great," he says. 

For more information, visit EddieBauer.com 

Cate the Great Boots by Sorel

Cate the Great Boots by Sorel
Finally, a pair of boots that are waterproof and stylish. "They are an investment because they're about $200, but they're waterproof," he says. "Totally waterproof, and they will last many seasons."

Thanks to a faux-fur lining, Adam says anyone can dress these boots up and down. "They're totally comfortable," he says.

Learn more at Sorel.com 
Hamilton Tote

Hamilton Tote by Michael Kors
For a chic city look, Adam says you can pair the Eddie Bauer coat and the Sorel boots with the Hamilton Tote by Michael Kors. "I love this bag," Adam says. "It's a perfect office-to-weekend bag."

The tote retails for $298 and comes in a variety of colors.

For more information, visit MichaelKors.com
The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens

The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens
This white shirt will keep you looking crisp and feeling confident in any weather, thanks to its anti-pucker technology. "When you're looking for a white shirt, many times it doesn't fit across your bust and you're popping out," he says. "It has dual buttons right there in the spots where you need dual buttons."

At $80, The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens comes in five different colors. "It is for all-busted women," he says. "Now you don't have to put tape or safety pins and all this stuff that doesn't work."

Learn more at The-Shirt.com
Nomad Scarf by Fluxus

Nomad Scarf by Fluxus
Adam has a passion for scarves. "I love a scarf because it's so stylish and adds so much oomph," he says.

Now, he's found a new love—the Nomad scarf made by Fluxus. "It's like wearing your favorite T-shirt," he says. "But really the most exciting this about this scarf—especially for anyone that travels—it turns into a blanket it's so big. And you can wrap yourself in it."

Learn more at FluxusBrand.com

Have a shirt that plunges a little too low? Forget the dickie—get a Chickie! "You clip it on onto your bra so it allows you to wear cleavage-baring and low-cut tops during the day and makes a lot of things more appropriate," Adam says.

Chickies come in 17 different colors and cost $33 each.

Learn more at ChickiesCleavageCoverage.com

Thanks to this socks-tights hosiery hybrid, the days of slipping and sliding inside your boots are over. "All the ladies out there who wear tights usually put socks on top of their tights for comfort," Adam says. He says these boot tights fix that problem!

These retail for about $28, Adam says.

Learn more at Bootights.com

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