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Oprah wanted the inside scoop on how this superstar chef whips up dinner in her own kitchen. What are some of Rachael's best tips?
  1. Shop at restaurant supply stores. "The pots and pans are cheap and you get exactly what they're using in the real-deal restaurants," Rachael says.
  2. Leave a big garbage bowl on the counter. "I can throw all my garbage in there and not run back and forth a million times to the garbage can," Rachael says.
  3. Resealable bags are kitchen essentials. Rachael explains you should wash and dry your produce as soon as you return from the grocery store, then put them into resealable bags so they are clean and fresh when you need them. "This is a huge time saver," she says.
Rachael took time out of her busy life, opened up the doors in her New York City apartment to show us some inside secrets of a real pro's kitchen. Can she really cook her Paella Burgers with Spanish Succotash in just 30 minutes?
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Published on May 09, 2005