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Julie's Justin Timberlake Surprise
Just three weeks before her daughter Julie's wedding, her mom wrote in to The Oprah Show to reveal details about Julie's first love???Justin Timberlake.

"Everyone who knows her, including her fianc??, knows that ever since she was 12, her first crush was Justin Timberlake. She's 26 now, but to this day, when she sees his picture or hears his name, she becomes a J.T.-crazy teenager again," Mom wrote.

With the help of Mike, Julie's fianc??, Julie was whisked away to Los Angeles for a day of golfing.

She thought she would be getting a lesson from a "golf pro." As cameras watch from afar, Julie found out who her instructor was: her lifelong crush, Justin Timberlake!

"He's the one person I always wanted to meet, and you always think about what you would do. How would you act? And that completely went out the window," Julie said. "I was in shock. It all happened so, so fast."
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Published on May 05, 2011


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