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Brenden Hangs with Shaquille O'Neal
When NBA star Shaquille O'Neal heard about Brenden, a 12-year-old with a genetic abnormality that causes him to keep growing, Shaq wanted to surprise him with the offer of a lifetime. "We're going to fly you and your family to Phoenix to a game," Shaq said. "You'll hang out with me, we'll ride around, go shopping, go to the mall. We'll just have fun, because I'm 12 years old also."

After the game, Shaq gave Brenden a backstage tour of the team's training and locker rooms. Next, Brenden and Shaq took his souped-up "Shaq-mobile" to a five-star dinner. The next day, Brenden was fitted for a new custom wardrobe designed by Shaq's personal tailor!

Since meeting Shaq, Brenden has learned to play basketball. "I just want you to do one thing," Shaq said. "Stay positive. Follow your dreams and just be happy, brother. You're tall for a reason. Trust me on this: The girls like tall guys."
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Published on May 05, 2011


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