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Josh Meets Music Icon Cher
After learning about Josh's love for music superstar Cher—he even dresses up as her for fun—Oprah's team worked with his partner, Rob, to hook him up with tickets to see Cher in Las Vegas!

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After they landed in Vegas, Josh and Rob watched Cher take the stage in a fabulous Bob Mackie design. Suddenly, a spotlight shined down on Josh, and Cher called him down to the front row. "You getting here comes from Oprah, and you sitting here in these seats comes from me," she said. "Get your surprised ass down here."

After the final song, Josh was invited backstage to meet his idol. After years of emulating Cher, Josh got the chance to express his admiration. "You have been such an inspiration to me. You have made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, and you have allowed me to love myself," he said. "You have fed me that energy through your music, through your performances, through just being Cher."
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Published on May 05, 2011


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