Sidney Poitier's movies taught Maggie the meaning of purpose.

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Opening Up the Man
Posted by Maggie

Opening this book is opening up the man. He has had a great influence on my life. Growing up watching his movies, I was very influenced by the roles he portrayed and the messages from those films.

Growing up in a multiracial Bronx neighborhood, meeting all kinds of people, I was taught at home and in the movies we were allowed to view that each person has value. Each of us has purpose.

Learning more about the man has shown me that he lived this and was given the opportunity to play these roles because we as Americans needed to see a black man respected by himself first, so that we could respect. Racial riots happened in the Bronx and many were led astray to violence. We kept hope in our beliefs in each other and were reinforced with those wonderful movies. Thank you for your wonderful book and life worth reading about.