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Sidney Poitier, A Person Committed to Character
Posted by Dorrel

I was 29 years of age when I migrated from Costa Rica with a husband and my two beautiful daughters. They were 6 and 7, and I was scared out of my wits not only because of the culture shock, but also the language barriers, the winter cold, the subways, the gigantic escalators, the segregated communities, the food, and I could continue on. So, I do have a little understanding of what Mr. Poitier endured.

His background is very similar to mine since I was raised by very strict and religious parents that migrated to Costa Rica from Kingston, Jamaica, with their parents via the Panama Canal. My grandparents worked as laborers on the construction of the Canal and from there moved to Costa Rica and made it their home.

I have been a Sidney Poitier fan since I first saw him on film in Costa Rica in To Sir, with Love. Since then I have followed his career religiously. I read his first book This Life. It is still in my library. I have seen, and would venture to say, all his movies. …

Mr. Poitier is thirteen years my senior, and needless to say, he has my respect and admiration. He has built a foundation for all African-Americans that cannot ever be destroyed. Gratitude does not describe what we owe to Mr. Poitier! I wish him continued health and a very long life.


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