Wordstock 2010: The Rock Bottom Remainders
The Rock Bottom Remainders are a literary rock band that has been lurching their way through middle age by making lots of noise for a good cause. You've read their books, now get to know the band!
The Rock Bottom Remainders - Stephen King, Greg Iles and Dave Barry
The Rock Bottom Remainders
The Rock Bottom Remainders are arguably the world's most well-read rock band. The band's members—award-winning and best-selling authors such as Scott Turow, Amy Tan, Stephen King, Greg Iles and Dave Barry—have collectively published more than 150 titles, sold more than 200 million books and been translated into more than 25 languages. Once a year, these literary greats leave behind pen and paper, if only for a moment, to delve into the grit and grizzle that is the rock star life.

In the past 18 years, the Remainders have raised close to $2 million dollars for charitable causes. This year's Wordstock 2010 tour includes gigs on April 20–24 in several East Coast cities. Proceeds will go to support relief, education and literacy efforts in Haiti and literacy in local communities.

Meet the band members!

Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Amy Tan and Stephen King
Kathi Kamen Goldmark
Founder, Remainderette, Musical Maven, Songstress and Author

"This has turned out to be the most in-groupy thing in publishing since the Algonquin Round Table." Kathi Kamen Goldmark

Before she goes on the road, Kathi Kamen Goldmark answers 20 questions

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(Left to right: Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Amy Tan and Stephen King)
Rock Bottom Remainder Dave Barry
Dave Barry
Lead Guitarist, Vocals, Pulitzer Prize–winning Humor Columnist and Writing Partner to Ridley Pearson

"The band plays music as well as Metallica writes novels." — Dave Barry

Dave Barry on beagles

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Rock Bottom Remainder Sam Barry
Sam Barry
Columnist and Author (and Dave Barry's Brother)

"We will not be playing our 'music' for money, because if we did, people would throw shoes at us. Rather, we will be playing to raise money for some good causes." Sam Barry

Before he goes on the road, Sam Barry answers 20 questions

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(Sam Barry is pictured on the bottom row, far left.)
Rock Bottom Remainder Roy Blount Jr.
Roy Blount Jr.
Crowd-Pleaser, Critics Chorus, Master of Ceremonies, Humorist, Columnist and Author

Roy Blount Jr. has said that being onstage is "like being inside a forest fire that you're helping, however modestly, to spread." He has described the Remainders as "hard-listening."

Before he goes on the road, Roy Blount, Jr. answers 20 questions

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Rock Bottom Remainder Amy Tan
Amy Tan
Lead Rhythm Dominatrix, Remainderette, Second Tambourine and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"We do it for charity and as Amy says, 'Man, this is so cool I'd do it to kill some whales!'" Dave Barry

Hillary Clinton on Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Rock Bottom Remainder Ridley Pearson with Steve Martin
Ridley Pearson
Bass Guitar, Vocals, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Dave Barry's Writing Partner

"We have about 70 or 80 songs we can do, but all of them use the same chords." Ridley Pearson

Before he goes on the road, Ridley Pearson answers 20 questions

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(Left to right: Special guest Steve Martin with Ridley Pearson)
Rock Bottom Remainder Greg Iles
Greg Iles
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I think they only wanted me in the band because I have the right hair." Greg Iles

Before he goes on the road, Greg Iles answers 20 questions

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Rock Bottom Remainder Scott Turow
Scott Turow
Chorus, Sometime Remainderette and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I am in the group to set a bottom threshold on musical ability. You can't be even worse than me and play with the Remainders. This is as far as they will go." Scott Turow

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Rock Bottom Remainder Mitch Albom
Mitch Albom
Keyboardist and International Best-Selling Author, Journalist and Screenwriter

"When we are playing, I spend a lot of time thinking, 'Ooohh, was that me?'" Mitch Albom

Best Nonfiction of 2009: Have a Little Faith
Mitch Albom talks to Gayle King
How Tuesdays with Morrie inspired one book club
About For One More Day

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Rock Bottom Remainder James McBride
James McBride
Saxophonist, Professional Musician and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Before he goes on the road, James McBride answers 20 questions

James McBride on a moment that defied spirituality

Read a review of James McBride's Song Yet Sung

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(Left to right: Director Spike Lee and James McBride)
Rock Bottom Remainder special guest Roger McGuinn
Roger McGuinn
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and a Founding Member of The Byrds

"I haven't been cancelled from any of my booked gigs as a result of playing with the Rock Bottom Remainders." Roger McGuinn

Before he goes on the road again, Roger McGuinn answers 20 questions

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(Left to right: Dave Barry, Amy Tan, special guest Steve Martin, special guest Roger McGuinn and Ridley Pearson)
Rock Bottom Remainder Stephen King
Stephen King*
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals and Prolific, International Best-Selling Author

"There's an audience out there, and the key is to kick it in the ass." Stephen King

*Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevent Stephen King from being a part of the 2010 tour.

Stephen King's Different Seasons
Review of Under the Dome
Stephen King on love

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Rock Bottom Remainder Matt Groening
Matt Groening*
Critics Chorus, Drums, Syndicated Cartoonist and Creator of The Simpsons and Futurama

"People are throwing panties at us. They certainly never do that at my book signings." Matt Groening

*Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevent Matt Groening from being a part of the 2010 tour.

Dan Castellaneta on his first "D'oh!" as Homer Simpson

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