The weather's warmer, the days seem longer…what could be more perfect than a new selection from Oprah's Book Club? Our next book has been a favorite on bookshelves since it was first published in 1940—when the author was only 23 years old.

Oprah says, "I love this book! I had heard about this book for years and then my dear friend Julia Roberts did an interview in O, The Oprah Magazine and she listed this as one of her favorite books of all times. The book I love so much—recommended to me by Julia Roberts—is The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. It's a great, great read and not hard at all!"

McCullers' touching story is beautiful in its simplicity and directness. An expert storyteller, McCullers effortlessly walks us around a working class town and into the homes of its residents—beginning with a deaf mute named John Singer who's just lost the only friend he's ever had. What unfolds is really one of the classics of our time.

Pick up your copy of The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and start exploring the lonely hearts and unlikely relationships that briefly blossom between a young girl, a confused restaurant owner, an aging black doctor, a drunk carnival worker and a man who is incapable of giving them the answers they so desperately need to hear.