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Oprah's Book Club member kateamii writes: "As I read The Heart, it tore at mine. Ms. McCullers used her words to create an artistic masterpiece. I felt as though I could literally see what Mick was seeing, and feeling. I was, and am, Mick, in so many ways. I grew up in a steel town, where thousands, upon thousands of men and women came to work, before, during and after the Great Depression. Not much has changed here over the decades...except that the mill is gone. ... The lesson to be learned, for me, was that one should not look to others to fulfill their hopes and dreams. A person must look within, and learn to love one's self, and by that I mean, get a good education, go after your dreams, and perhaps, just perhaps, you may find someone to share them with...which is all we wanted anyway."

The plot thickens, the drama increases...Part Two is the meat of The Heart Is a Lonely HunterGet discussion questions for your book club.