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Sidney's favorite Hollywood restaurant, Spago, owned by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, was the perfect location for the dinner. Colin got to work transforming the private room from the ground up. He installed a rich red carpet, covered the walls in a delicate grey silk fabric and added dramatic columns hand-wrapped in red velvet. "We wanted to change the room because he comes to this restaurant all the time. So when he walked in, even he was surprised," Colin says.

Colin also added six Swarovski crystal sconces and a dazzling chandelier, and Colin had top floral designers from Mark's Garden bring in 4,000 roses for the event!

Still, Colin was just getting started. He still had to create a dinner table that was an absolute feast for the eyes. Sterling silver chargers cradled the fine china. Love was even found in every detail of the sterling silver flatware from the House of Christofle. "This pattern is called 'Malmaison' from Napoleon's chateau in France," Colin says. "Fifty-two people work on this before it makes its way to the table."


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