L'Tanya "The Peace women, Eva, Hannah and Sula, demonstrate what freedom means. In ways that seem unconventional, evil and downright primal, these characters define, structure, and create a sense of self-identity and community on their own terms."

Lori "Sometimes reading a book is like finding the right words for what you always wanted to say. ... I have thought a lot over the years about why there are such tensions between mothers and daughters, and I think Sula gives insight into the nature of close relationships in general."

Evelyn "Sula also helped me to understand some of the decisions and sacrifices that mothers make; they are only being the best type of mother they can be with the information they have at the time."

Gerri "It was upon the second reading that I felt better about the message behind Morrison's words. While still feeling a certain sadness, I realized that Morrison was showing the value of friendships and mothers, and the importance of working hard to ensure those relationships."