Real-Life Sawtelle Dogs
Simone was found by St. Louis Stray Rescue under a slab of concrete in a vacant lot with her two siblings. They were about 6 weeks old. We had two dogs but were looking for a pup. We saw her photo on the rescue website and hoped that we could get her. After the vetting process, we were granted the adoption of her.

A week later, she became ill. We took her to the doctor and told him about her symptoms. She was diagnosed with Parvo virus. We were so scared for her—not many pups make it through this disease. After a week of worry and Simone in the animal hospital, she came home.

She is such a joy to have in our home. She is the one who senses the mood of our household. She will be the one to meet whomever it may be when we come home. If the other dogs are with her, she is the first. If the others don't come to the door, you can be assured that she will be there. She sits next to you and cuddles when you are feeling down or physically under the weather. She walks with you as you move about the house.

We feel that she is always watching out for us and the other dogs. She is the communicator between us and the other dogs. She comes to get me and reminds me of breakfast or dinnertime or that the water bowl is empty by walking me over to show me the empty bowls. She will get me to the door if one of the other dogs needs to go outside. She will stand there and watch me open the door while the other dog goes outside, then turn and walk away as if she is satisfied. Simone's sensitivity to the people and the other dogs in our house makes her our Sawtelle dog. She truly does care for all of us.