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My husband and I adopted Samson four years ago from a woman who brings rescued dogs to her farm. We went there for a 6-week-old puppy because I insisted on getting a one as young as possible. We got there and looked at the little ones. They were all cute, but none of them were "special." My husband was the one who spotted him and proclaimed him the "one." I was reluctant because he was 12 weeks, but the owner of the farm told us he was a good pick. "I see a lot of dogs" she said, "but he is a noble dog."

Samson had been in a shelter in North Carolina and his litter had been abandoned. He nervously chewed a hole in his foot during his stay and he would not make eye contact with humans when we first chose him. Over the first few weeks that we had him, Samson timidly got to know us and soon revealed his true personality. We came to know him as a loyal, people-loving, obedient companion. Big Man, as we sometimes call him, was the star of his puppy training class, effortlessly mastering the skills. He has a unique look that always draws attention. Wherever we go, it is inevitable that someone will ask "what kind of dog is he?" Samson responds by prancing proudly and offering anyone in his path his unconditional love.

He has been the center of our lives until about 6 months ago when the family dynamic changed with the addition of our first baby. We still love him as we did before our daughter, Adeline, was born, but sometimes he doesn't get as much time as we would like to give him. He has taken this change in stride and adopted a new role. Samson's behavior reminds me of Almondine's first moments with Edgar. He has made it his personal mission to make sure that Adeline is okay. When she is sleeping, he sleeps in front of her door, being sure to come and notify me when she makes a sound. He is a gentle giant whose priority in life is to make us happy and protect "his baby." I picture him being Adeline's favorite companion as she grows through the years.

— Karen


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