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I recently retired from coaching at the University of Virginia. While at UVA, I was unable to have a dog because I traveled so much. I grew up with a dog by my side, so my first task upon leaving Virginia and moving home to Wilmington, North Carolina, was to find the perfect dog. I started looking on the Web, scouring local magazines and checking out area animal shelters. My husband and I agreed that we would find a young, small dog that did not shed.

One day, while searching the Web, I saw a photo of a terrier mix located in a small town about 60 miles from home. My sister and I drove to the pound and were led back to a cage that contained three dogs: a not-so-friendly pit bull, the terrier that was leaping waist high and in the back corner a dog that was just sitting there watching my every move. I asked to see the dog in the back. This dog was very timid and scared. He was matted and filthy. With no idea how old he was or his physical condition, Cathy and I loaded him in the car and took him home. After numerous baths, brushings, some good food, lots of tender, loving care and a visit to the vet, Jib started feeling more comfortable with his surroundings. The vet felt like Jib was about a year old and some type of terrier mix.

John and I were amazed at how smart Jib was. With just a little training, he became the most well-behaved pet we had ever owned. Whenever we take Jib for a walk, people stop and ask us what type of dog he is. At first I would say just a mutt. But he looks like he may have some Wheaten Terrier and golden retriever in him, so we now refer to him as our Golden Wheat. Jib is not a small dog. He weighs about 30 pounds (medium size), and he sheds a ton! But his intelligence, loving manner and big brown eyes make up for those little shortcomings. No one is perfect, and he loves me anyway!

— Jan


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