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Bailey was my 17th birthday present from my mother. He was a spunky, adorable puppy who grew into an attentive, loyal dog. He was by my side through thick and thin in my last years of high school. If I was upset, he would come comfort me; if I was happy, he was happy.

When I gave birth to my daughter, Kylee, he became her best friend too. He kept watch by her crib, baby swing and, of course, high chair! He truly was a helping hand in raising her. They would play with his beloved tennis ball in the yard for hours. Bailey went blind in the summer of 2006. Even faced with blindness, Bailey figured a way to still play ball with Kylee. Even if it took him five minutes to sniff out the location of the ball, he wouldn't give up, and Kylee would always wait patiently. He was the protector of his girls: Kylee and myself. He loved us and kept vigilant watch to keep us safe always.

We lost Bailey back in February 2008. Our heartache still cannot be measured. We'll never forget him. Kylee and I will be eternally great full for the love and joy he brought into our lives.

— Trisha


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