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Mia is my "Sawtelle dog." We are not sure what she is. We have often thought of having her DNA tested, but something always kept us from getting it done. Now, it just does not matter. All that matters is that she is so happy to see us when we arrive home—even if we leave for just a few minutes. She knows when we are not feeling well and will snuggle up on your feet to give warmth and kisses. She's always up for a walk or a ride in the car. She never complains when she needs to be groomed, go to the vet, has to take medicine, or needs to be left out of a room for awhile. When its time to play she shares her things. She is the first to bring the ball, toy, bone or dead mouse from the yard. She loves her sister dogs, Ginger and Lilly, and her cat sister, Zorah. Although she is the bigger dog, they run all over her. She's the "gentle giant" in our home. 

We often say that Mia is a rescue dog, but the truth of the matter is that Mia rescued us. She has taught us the meaning of unconditional love, of true gratitude and appreciation. Every day she is grateful for her life with us and she demonstrates her love for us in her protectiveness towards us, her obedience, and her loyalty. It never waivers. We can count on her to be there, a beacon of commitment to our family as we are commited to be there for her.

— Katherine