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We adopted Shadow (a.k.a. Man) just a few weeks after losing our dear, old, sweet female pup, Pepper. Man was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts, but his life started in Virginia. He was found as a stray at only 8 weeks old and made his way to Massachusetts and straight into our hearts.

On that day, we were greeted by no less than 50 squirming, adorable puppies, and I thought, "How will we possibly choose?" But my husband, who says Man did everything short of an old soft-shoe to gain his attention, knew almost instantly as he proclaimed, "This is the one!"

Man is quite mischievous and is the most independent dog I've ever known. He still holds fast to some habits which were gained in his first few weeks alone in the wild, but thank goodness he's deserted some as well, like eating bugs, worms and leaves!

Each morning when I awake, I watch my husband rise, go straight to Man and pat and kiss him. I wait and listen for the words I've heard him say every morning in those last five years..."I'm so glad you picked me. I'm so glad you're my boy." And I smile.

— Lynn


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