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I am loving what little of the book I have read so far. I think this book is going to especially touch dog lovers/owners. I can actually feel the warm dog muzzle that is described in the books. I know the comfort a dog brings. How can you discuss this book without entertaining dog stories?

We have a 3-year-old golden retriever, Lexi. And though we didn't rescue her, we adopted (or I should say purchased) her from a reputable breeder. I felt strongly that I needed to have the decks stacked in my favor if I was going to bring a dog into my family. I had small children, and this dog was going to have kids around her. We visited the breeder...who interviewed us! We met the pregnant mom, filed out applications, etc. Once the puppies were born, we visited them many times before they were 8 weeks old and able to be adopted. We had to sign paperwork that if we were to ever get rid of the dog, the breeder had rights to her first.

But as a result of this fine breeder, training, yes, and that Lexi is a golden retriever, the result has been a wonderful, gentle, loving addition to our family.

— Shari, member of the San Diego Moms Book Club