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When my son was almost 2 years old, we began the search for a dog. We were being careful as my son was so young. We had to be sure there would be no aggression. Every dog we found would run up and knock him over or be up in his face licking. We had almost given up when we stopped at a small, rundown no-kill shelter. We went in and explained we were looking for a puppy. We were led to a shepherd mix pup. He had the biggest ears we had ever seen! Our son was several feet away, waiting for the dog's test. So many had failed before him. We let him approach. He walked straight up, gave him a sniff, looked him right in the eye and walked around him. The pup never gave any sign of any dominance at all. We fell in love immediately! 

On one of our last visits before bringing him home we tested new names. He responded to none of them. My son had heard us trying and had caught on to the process. He suddenly yelled one of the names we had thought of at home. "Zoboo!" he called. The pup went right over him—Zoboo it was! Short for Zoboomafoo. 

Zoboo is almost 9 years old now. They have grown up together and are best pals. Zoboo has proven that he is a special dog. We were told he was a shepherd/huskie mix. We began what would become a regular pattern of taking guesses on his real breeds. Wherever we go, he is the topic of discussion. Wolf, greyhound, maybe elkhound...the inquiries are endless. We considered testing, but really enjoy his mystery. 

Zoboo has guarded my son from neighbors in play. He has protected our old cat we had from our new puppy. He lets children love on him without a care. He greets any dog and has an instant new friend. He is easygoing and loves his family. Everyone who meets him always walks away saying, "Wow! This is the coolest dog ever!" I believe it was our destiny to get together. He has been a true blessing. 



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