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Yuriko and Erik
The summer of 2005 we worked at a summer camp for kids in Arkansas. Erik was on lake crew and I was a regular counselor. I never predicted that on our day off during camp Erik would have more planned than the regular errands and laundry. Days leading up to the day off he left love letters on my cabin porch with reasons why he loved me. When our day off arrived he pulled up to Castle Hotel where we had the two hour "whole works" spa treatment. He surprised me also with dinner reservations at a hibachi grill where the Japanese chef had us in awe.

As the sun set I presumed we were heading back to camp, Erik urged us to drop by the marina. As we approached his boat I was greeted with it filled with rose petals. We took a boat drive. It was pitch dark out by now and I could sense there was nervousness in Erik as he told me there was one final surprise for me. He instructed me to cover my eyes, then moments later he said "open your eyes." There I stood looking out onto the lake and directly in front of me was the camp's beach front with the words "marry me" written large in flames across the shore. The first words out of my mouth were, "Can I get a dog?"

He presented me with the ring that he designed himself, and we drove the boat up to the floating docks surrounded by candles. There was a table with a plaid table cloth, two chairs and a dozen roses. Erik sat me down and presented me with some of my favorite foodsthe famous local apple pie, hot chocolate and ice cream. We proceeded to glee in delight and call our friends and family from the romantic floating docks surrounded by the beautiful Lake Ouachita. We shared the experience with the camp staff we had spent the summer with and the 600 campers that session. It was perfect.