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Don and Kathy
Kathy and I have a very special love. Over the past year we've gone through a life-changing and life-threatening event. Kat was diagnosed with breast cancer just before the birth of our fifth child, Gracie, one year ago. Since then she's had chemo, a double mastectomy, radiation, brain surgery, gamma-knifing of the brain and spine, then more chemo.

With the cancer continuing to grow within her body, Kat has never given up the fight. She's a pillar of strength. In October 2007, she completed the Michigan three-day breast cancer walk (57miles) and her team of 32 women, Luby's Boobies, raised over $90Ksecond only to a 217-person team sponsored by a local radio station.

Although we would not wish what we've gone through on anyone else, it has taught us how to truly love and live. I can say confidently that no oneI mean no onehas a stronger love than my wife and me. We live each day as if it was our last and go to bed each night with a kiss, a hug and a prayer for healing.

The love story doesn't end at just Kat and me. Our community has also fallen in love with my wife. Once people heard about our situation, we've received an unfathomable amount of supportdinners, gifts, well wishes, help with the kids and especially prayers. The reason for this outpouring of support is due to the person my wife is. She's loved by our community and she loves back.

This is our love story. Live or die, Kat will always be with me and if she does go to heaven, I find solace in the fact that it will only be a blink of an eye for her before we are back together again.


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