If you're looking for more information about this book and its author, you might find these materials helpful.
Tolstoy's Life and Works
Browse photo galleries of Yasnaya Polyana, read e-texts of Tolstoy's other works, and uncover the Count's genealogy. Visit www.ltolstoy.com.

The Tolstoy Studies Journal
The University of Toronto is home to this annual journal on Tolstoy scholarship. Visit www.utoronto.ca/tolstoy/ for more information.

Russian History
Bucknell University's Russian History department is home to this extensive resource for all things Russian. Learn about the colorful history of Tolstoy's homeland at www.departments.bucknell.edu/russian/history.html.

The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy
Written by Tolstoy's close friend Vladimir Chertkov, this is the history of Tolstoy's final days. Find out about the legend of the green stick—and why it was so important to Tolstoy. Visit www.linguadex.com/tolstoy/ to read the e-text.


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