Alan Patan Centre
The Alan Paton Centre, situated on the campus of the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, commemorates one of the most distinguished people to have come from Kwazulu-Natal.
More About the Alan Paton Centre
Partly museum, partly archive, the Alan Paton Centre, opened in April 1989, aims to promote the struggle for improved human relations that filled so much of Alan Paton's essentially human life. Its particular reference is to the Kwazulu-Natal region, where Paton was born, bred and educated.

Shortly after the death of Alan Paton, his widow Mrs. Anne Paton made available a large part of the contents of Paton's study for the establishment of a permanent memorial to him. As the museum component of the centre, the Paton Study 's contents were arranged to create a duplication of the original. Much of the actual furniture can be seen in the recreated study, and most of Paton's books, journals, awards and memorabilia are on display. Other items in this fascinating collection include an old bible, inscribed to Paton by his mother; scrapbooks which were begun when the reviews of his first novel came pouring in; and an early edition of Robert's Birds of Southern Africa, annotated by Paton himself.

These collections bring together under resources of particular value to future students and researchers and the community. They reflect South Africa's developing history, and are part of the struggle for improved human relations in his country—a struggle which Alan Paton understood so well.

Contact Information
Alan Paton Centre
University of Natal
P/Bag X01
3209 Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Information line: 0331-2605926


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