Gabo's Magazine
The Colombian literary magazine owned by García Márquez himself—keep in mind this is published in Spanish-only. Visit

Nobel Prize Lecture
Winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982, García Márquez gave homage to his literary hero William Faulkner in his speech. Read the text and discover the magic. Visit

Gabo on Elian
What happened when this literary giant weighed in on a National tragedy of Elian González? Read his op-ed from The New York Times.

The Modern World's comprehensive site on Gabriel García Márquez—"A noisy city with houses having mirror walls rose up...a name he had never heard, that had no meaning at all, a supernatural echo in his dream."

Discover the genre "magical realism" through this tri-quarterly anthology of thoughts, articles and other information from well known scholars. "To understand magical realism is to take into account its many influences: cultural, political, communitarian, spiritual." Visit

A Witch Writing
This film reveals García Márquez as a skillful and spellbinding storyteller, taking us from birth to the turning points in his life that formed him and his body of work. To order a DVD of "Witch Writing" go to