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 Infants to 2 Yearsfysrtvtybfrxrttx
Take a new approach to the Terrible Twos and use these books to settle your kids during the tough moments. Exposure to books and illustrations will help create a foundation on which they will eventually take their first steps toward reading.

3 to 5 Years
While your children are first learning to sound out words, read aloud to them. With your help, they will begin to make those initial connections between words and meanings, which will set them up for strong comprehensive abilities.

6 to 9 Years
As your children work toward becoming independent readers, encourage them to read as often as possible. Especially over the summer, frequent reading will help solidify their skills for the coming fall.

10 to 12 Years
As their comprehension abilities continue to grow, encourage your kids to push themselves. Completing one of these tougher novels, no matter the pace, will give them a sense of satisfaction and set a new standard of skill.

12 Years and Up
The time to become an avid reader is now. Use these books to help your children develop habits of continuous reading that will last throughout their lives.

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Embrace the Challenge

Make Reading Fun!
Try these 10 tips to help your children make reading an enjoyable part of their everyday lives. The more excited they are, they quicker they'll want to get buried in a good book!

The Best Ways to Teach Kids to Read
For one student teacher, Harry Potter helped her students improve their reading more than three grade levels in under two years. Is there a most effective way to teach reading? Experts say there is.