"As I read, I was consumed by Icy's life. I felt her pain and confusion and have asked myself many of the same questions Icy asked herself. I have felt alone, fearful, ashamed, angry, hopeless and confused."

"I have had it [Tourette Syndrome] all of my life. It is a cross I have had to bear, and it fills me with shame as it did Icy Sparks. I can relate to her just wishing that the tics would go away."

"Icy Sparks has been sent to me from God, and I'm sure many others. This book, through many tears shed, has helped me to see that the character of a person is molded by their circumstances."

"I do not have Tourette Syndrome, nor do I know anyone personally with this syndrome, so why am I so moved by this story? I suffer from the same syndrome that Icy suffers from. The 'I need to be accepted and loved' syndrome."