"I understood how painful it is as a daughter to watch your family falling apart. I understand how painful secrets are, and how they can become so entrenched in the family's identity that [the truth] stinks and burns when it is finally released."

"As an educator in preventing the sexual abuse and abduction of children—my profession and my passion—I was immediately concerned with the sexual references and overtones, whether [they were] the author's intent or not."

"I felt this book demonstrated a disregard for the value of life. There is no victory, no overcoming, only acquiescence to the banality and degradation of life; yet something drew me to it."

"Fall on Your Knees truly did change my life and the lives of my siblings. I am forever grateful to Ms. MacDonald for writing such an amazing book."

"I often choose books where the family dynamics are horrifyingly dysfunctional. I've come to realize that we all take some measure of comfort in a family situation that is even more frightening than our own."