The climb to the top of Kumalo's Mountaion.

At the end of Cry, the Beloved Country as Stephen Kumalo awaits the morning of his son's execution, he makes his pilgrimage to the top of a mountain and offers his prayer of thanksgiving. We made the same journey to the top of Kumalo's Mountain.
The crew hikes up Kumalo's Mountain South Africa.

Our crew hiked up to their position.
The view from Kumalo's Mountain.

What a magnificent view of the valley below!
Carisbrooke School from atop Kumalo's Mountain

We could see Carisbrooke School from atop the mountain and hear drum beats and songs of celebration for Sunday worship in the town below.
Carri, Marina and Tiffany

Carri, Marina and Tiffany sit on top of a rock and take in the breathtaking view from Kumalo's Mountain.
Marina on Kumalo's Mountain

Marina contemplates the rolling hills.
Journaling on Kumalo's Mountain

Moved by their surroundings, Marina, Carri and Tiffany take a moment to write in their travel journals.
Book Club travelers try sugar cane for the first time.

What a sweet treat! Our security detail taught us how to eat natural sugar cane, a large crop in South Africa. Marina and Tiffany break through the tough cane.
The Indian Ocean

From the heights of Kumalo's Mountain in Ixopo, to the depths of the Indian Ocean in Durban!
Marina ventures into the Indian Ocean.

Durban is a popular vacation spot for South Africans where visitors can dip their toes in the third largest ocean. We couldn't keep Marina away!
Marina touches the ocean for the first time

Marina touched the Indian Ocean for the first time and got stung by jellyfish! She says it was still worth the experience.

On Day Seven, our travelers head to Robben Island.  


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