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Josh Groban and Gayle King
Throughout Oprah's 19th season, "Wildest Dream" teams surprised people across the country—including Oprah's best friend Gayle King, editor at large of O, The Oprah Magazine in New York City.

To make one workday a day to remember, Oprah dispatched Gayle's favorite singer, Josh Groban, to her office for a special serenade. Minutes before Josh was set to arrive, Gayle called Oprah to talk about—who else—Josh Groban! "His voice does something to me," she said. "I just feel him!"

While Gayle sang some of her favorite lyrics into the phone, Josh walked into her office holding a bouquet of yellow roses. "Oh my goodness!" she screamed. "Josh is here!"

Gayle followed Josh into a conference room, which had been transformed into a romantic concert hall. As magazine staffers gathered around, Josh got down on one knee and serenaded Gayle with the song she'd just been singing on the phone, "When You Say You Love Me" from his CD Closer.
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