Bill, Christian, Ace and John in Kora, Kenya

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Bill, Christian, Ace and John in Kora, Kenya
"But thanks to George and Bill, Christian made it to Kenya. Here he is in Kora on the banks of the Tana River.

"George knew that lions are social animals, so for hunting and for all other reasons, it is much better to have a group who are going to be taught to go back to the wild rather than a solitary one. So, he had a group of other lions, mainly female, that Christian joined before he reintroduced them to the wild.

"One of the challenges was for Christian to establish a territory for himself in Kora because already there were wild lions in that area. Of course, there were scuffles in order for him to be able to do that. He came out of it triumphant until, after three years of being out there in the wild, he disappeared and didn't return. But, George always believed he survived."
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