20 Mini-Lessons Every Happy Woman Knows

Here are our favorite quotes, straight from Oprah herself - mini-lessons you can take with you anywhere.

Lesson 21: Love Doesn't Hurt

"When you can trust that you love yourself, care for yourself, have enough honor and respect for yourself that you will not allow other people to harm you, then you can succeed in any relationship....It doesn't mean that somebody won't hurt you again. It means that when they do, you will know what to do.... You will not let that destroy you."

Lesson 21: Love Doesn't Hurt

"Love is truth. Love is grace, is joyful."

Lesson 23: Slow Down

"Being in the present moment—if you can learn to do that—begins to change your whole life."

Lesson 24: Newton's Third Law

"If there are a lot of negative people in your life, don't look at them, look at the energy that you are creating to attract them. Don't look at them, look at yourself."

Lesson 25: You've Always Had the Power

"The only courage you ever need is the courage to fulfill the dreams of your own life."