• Consumers should be aware that Oprah Winfrey is not associated with nor does she endorse any LifeCell product, company or online solicitation of such products. OWN attorneys are pursuing companies that claim such an affiliation.
  • Consumers should be aware that Oprah Winfrey is not associated with nor does she endorse any Garcinia Cambogia product, company or online solicitation of such products. OWN attorneys are pursuing companies that claim such an affiliation.
  • Neither Oprah Winfrey nor Dr. Oz are associated with nor do they endorse any specific resveratrol product, company or online solicitation of such products. Any companies that misrepresent their affiliation are making false claims. Harpo attorneys are pursuing companies that claim such an affiliation.
  • Consumers should be aware that neither Oprah Winfrey nor Dr. Oz are associated with nor do they endorse any açaí berry product, company or online solicitation of such products, including MonaVie juice products. Attorneys for Harpo are pursuing companies that claim such an affiliation.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show and Harpo Productions are warning viewers about an e-mail scam notifying recipients of their nomination for the "Oprah Millionaire Contest Show." Please note that The Oprah Winfrey Show and Harpo Productions are not sponsors nor do we have any involvement whatsoever with this e-mail solicitation. Individuals who receive such unauthorized e-mails are encouraged to file a complaint with the FBI at IC3.gov.
  • Authorities have told us that there are at least a dozen scams currently being perpetrated which promise tickets, travel and money from The Oprah Winfrey Show. You should know that Harpo never sells tickets or travel packages. You can click here for specific Harpo ticket information.

We encourage anyone who receives a letter, e-mail or phone call claiming that they are the winner of a sweepstakes that uses Harpo or Ms. Winfrey's name or likeness to verify its authenticity before taking any action. All official Harpo-related sweepstakes notifications will contain contact information through which its validity can be confirmed. Harpo also does not ask you to pay to either enter a sweepstakes or collect tickets, nor do we send unsolicited checks in the mail. If Harpo ever sponsors any kind of sweepstakes, it will be featured on Oprah.com—so always check our website to confirm if an offer is the real thing.


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    2 days ago
    Desiree Lockette
    Hi Oprah,I'm hoping that you or at least someone monitoring this site on behalf of you gets this and investigates this co. Because it's terrible how they using your face to get people! I saw an ad for a  cream called a natural anti aging cream...initial reaction was yeah right..but when I saw your face,I said to myself ...well Oprah is grown and sexy ..I'm 52,so I wanna be on my grown and sexy too!  So I ordered it,a trail size was $4.99...  It came 3-4 days later ..now before I go any further I have to tell I'm on a fixed income $760.00 monthly, so you must imagine how horrified I was to find out that they overdraft my account for 85.00 extra $ ...I mean ...the money is not even in the account yet ,it will be taken out of my next check..this probably sounds so petty to some people..to us small people that don't have enough to barely get by anyway.. Its the difference in having a nice roasted chicken as opposed to having a pack of oodles of noodles ...now I know that you don't need my messily 5.00 but I love to soppurt any thing you indorse that's within my means ..but this hurt me ...left feeling very violated..I'm sad..pleasehelp me out with this..you stay well and blessed and merry Xmas to your staff too. Thanks in advance
    9 days ago
    Ashley Ruiz
    Hi Oprah we love you and if your ever out here in Albuquerque, New Mexico let's have lunch.  I am a 25 year old woman and I look up to you, you are truly an inspiration!!! Msg me if you are in town.
    9 days ago
    Louisa Santoro
    Hi I entered for Oprah's favorite things and then I was written that I would get a free magazine , now I was sent an invoice for a subscription that I did not ask for
    9 days ago
    Hi Louisa, please be assured that you will only receive a bill for O Magazine if you have subscribed to the magazine. So we can better assist you please share more details by filling out the contact form here: http://bit.ly/1mWtEjO Many thanks. - OWN-Sue
    18 days ago
    Wonda Graves
    I would like to know if the 12 Days Giveaway Authentic.its says to go to Oprah.com/12Days to enter
    17 days ago
    Hi Wonda, yes it is authentic. You can read all about it here: http://bit.ly/OFT2015SweepstakesFAQ - Hope that helps! - OWN-Sue
    21 days ago
    Smooth Honest
    They can show you web cam you will see them but is fake they have a lot of tricks and a lot of format that you will believe that they are real but their not their totally fake 
    24 days ago
    Tamika Canady
    I was on Ingram's and I, seen a post that came up. About a give away and then some one said, it was fake. Could you please check in to it please
    24 days ago
    Hi Tamika, thank you for writing and reporting this scam. Please be aware that Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry are not associated with this joint account and OWN is not associated with any financial giveaway in exchange for social media followers.- OWN-Sue
    25 days ago
    Sharon Kirby
    Hi there, I wanted to offer a suggestion for a show.  See I am now a mother of 6 let me clarify.  I had a daughter married a gentleman with a son which made 2 then we had two of our own.  I had a hysterectomy, we were finished having children.  Until our 3 nephews went into foster care, we had to do something and God told us the only thing to do was to qualify as foster parents and take them in.  My husband and I took the two older boys and his oldest brother took the baby.  We kept them in the family because we loved them and didn't want them to go to strangers.  This December we will legally be adopting the two boys.  I had to tell you our story to give you the reason behind my idea.  during the time we were foster parents  we were given countless websites involving hundreds of foster children in virginia alone and I am sure there are many , many more out there.  although at the present time I could not take in anymore then what I have , If I had a bigger house I would take in many , many more.  Please get the word out that these children are in need of love and support for a forever home I know in the past month over 10 children in the area have gone into foster care.  It takes a very special person to Foster children but so many children aren't babies they are 8 and 9 and 15 and some of them have no hope in getting adopted or even into a loving foster home to be taken care of.  Please consider doing a show about Fostering and even Adoption for all of these wonderful children , you are such a highly looked up to celebrity that I feel people would listen and take note thanks for reading and may God bless you.
    52 days ago
    Ayelet M. Mitsch
    sorry, by email, of course.
    52 days ago
    Ayelet M. Mitsch
    Hi, How can I send you an emailthat I received from someone who claims he collects donations for the Oprah Charity-Link, in facebook and bi mail as well?
    50 days ago
    Hi Ayelet - Can you forward it to community@own.oprah.com? Thanks so much for reporting this, we'll be glad to look into it. -OWN-Jen
    57 days ago
    Eydie Cain
    I did NOT order this mag. $700 a mo doesn't cover mags! STOP SENDING! I have no MONEY!
    21 days ago
    Smooth Honest
    I know all the tricks about the internet scam i can help Americans to close down scams because they have a lot of tricks i am a Ghanaian and i live in Ghana but i use american number the more you try to stop them scam they more they got new ideas but i can help Americans to stop scam one because i know all their tricks i investigate and i am holding scammers ticks like paper a lot of Nigerians is in Ghana here scam Americans 
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      236 days ago
      Carla Ducena
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      Gail Lewis-jacksonLyons
      373 days ago