Woman falling back
Illustration: Julien Pacaud

You Can Count On This!
Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, Bobbi Brown and 10 more experts weigh in on what they can always trust.
3 No-Fail Steps to Find the Really Dependable People
Over the years, your inner trust-o-meter may have gotten a little out of whack and now need a little fine-tuning. (Or maybe a lot.)

So What Can We Trust?
A little perspective on why it's never mattered more...

The New Face of Infidelity
If your mate was deceiving you (or you had been unfaithful to him), who could you count on to keep your secrets? For many women, the Internet is a safe haven.

Loving an Addict
He betrayed you—maybe more than once. Then he changed. Now what?

Blind (Four-Footed) Faith
If you can't trust your own eyes, you need a wise ally. Hint: It has paws, no hidden agendas, and the canine equivalent of a PhD.

Reality Check
Just how many drivers come to a complete stop at a stop sign? And how free are free-range chickens? Get the truth about a few of our most common beliefs.