The state of love
Illustration: Joe Magee
According to relationship wizard Helen Fisher, PhD, there are four basic personality types, and once you know which you are, you'll know why you're attracted to some types, left cold by others—and who might be your best bet for the long haul.
How it works: See 4 personality types
Find the one: Who matches up!


8 Entirely New Rules of Love
It's the smartest love advice you've never heard (turns out needy is good). In an eye-opening report, researchers stand conventional wisdom on its head.

Do We Click?
Mandy Ginsberg, vice president of, on modern love.

The States of Love
Where can you get married at 13? Arrested for living together? A cross-country guide. Plus: How is Hollywood different? And what are the stats on marriage, anyway?

Love's Dilemma
And, because nothing is forever, a kind word for change... It's the wish to be together forever vs. the inevitability of growing apart.


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