Plaid and stitched stockings

1. Classic
Plaid idea: From the Scottish countryside to your mantle...a crisp tartan linen stocking is always in style, and monogramming will help you score extra points with your clan. $68; 

A stitch in time: A reverse felt appliqué motif is based on an 18th-century design, but the Hungarian artisans behind today's model use eco-friendly materials to protect our future. $70;
Modern stockings

2. Modern
A moveable feast: Treats on the outside bode well for what you'll find when you open this stocking; it has ample room for delicious gifts. $96;

Have a ball: Why not dangle ornaments off your mantle too? This wool felt stocking is made by hand using a traditional Hungarian technique. $58;  
Bohemian stockings

3. Bohemian
Skate on over:  Sure, the Grinch might have stolen Christmas in skates like this one, but in the end, he was turned around. $24;

The Fan-tastics: Take a whirl on the artistic side with a block printed pinwheel stocking. $70;


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