Since I can remember, having fun for me always has involved sharing what I had or was doing with someone else. When Maya Angelou turned 70, I wanted to celebrate and honor her life in a big way, have some major good fun. I planned a birthday party for her, asking her to invite 70 of her closest friends to a week-long party aboard the Seabourn Pride. The preparation started a year in advance with Lake Forest, Illinois, event planner Bruce G. Southworth. The cruise was to the Mayan ruins (Maya, get it?) in Tulum, Mexico, and we had our official bon voyage party the Saturday night before Easter.

It was a wild week, made even more fun because most of the people there had known Maya her entire life. And for the guests—educators, authors, businesspeople, artists—this was a chance to let go of everyday restraints and responsibilities and just play. It was the most fun I've ever had, watching so many other people have a blast. — Oprah

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