Leg and arm lifts

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Leg and Arm Lifts
With weights at your sides and feet shoulder-width apart, perform a curl with the weight in your left hand while lifting your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to starting position and repeat with your right hand and left leg. That's one repetition; repeat 25 times for one set.
Side crunches with weight

Photos: Michael E  

Side Crunches with Weight
A: Start with one weight held in both hands over your head, feet shoulder-width apart. (To increase difficulty, start in a lunge position with your right leg back.) 

B: Raise your right leg to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor, while bending at the waist to the right. Return to starting position. Do 15 on the right side, then 15 on the left for one set.
Bicep curls, knee up, eyes closed

Photos: Michael E  

Bicep Curls, Knee Up, Eyes Closed
With feet shoulder-width apart, arms straight, and weights at your sides, close your eyes and lift your thigh until it's parallel with the floor while curling the weights to your shoulders. Hold this position 10 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat with opposite leg. That's one set. Repeat.
Opposite arm and leg raises

Photos: Michael E  

Opposite Arm and Leg Raises
Lying facedown with your forehead on a soft surface, arms by your sides, and toes on the ground, raise your right leg six to 24 inches off the ground (only as high as you feel comfortable). At the same time, raise your left arm. Return to starting position and then raise your left leg and right arm. That's one repetition; repeat 10 times for one set.
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