Actor Rob Morrow shares his favorite books.
As a kid, I was rebellious. I was too cool to read. I even dropped out of high school in September of my senior year. Seven months to go and I quit—such a stupid thing to do. I didn't read for pleasure until I was 18 or 19. In order to be an actor, you have to familiarize yourself with life and the human condition, so I turned to books. If I was doing a play about Vietnam, I'd read A Bright Shining Lie . Then I discovered the classics because a character I was playing referred to them; I felt I needed to know them to perform the part well.

Now I'm often drawn to books about the struggle to find one's destiny. To me the most intriguing stories are the ones that bring a character to a point of change. There is nothing harder than changing yourself, but when life presents you with an opportunity to do it, that's a huge gift. And certain books confirm that for me.

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