Shaka Rasheed

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Sháka Rasheed, Class of '93
To pay for college, Rasheed solicited donations from community leaders in his hometown of Miami. But still short on funds just days before starting his sophomore year, he was granted a full scholarship. "I cried like a kid," he says. He's now a hedge fund senior manager.

Sons of Oprah Campaign
This year Rasheed and two other alums encouraged 127 Scholars to donate $300,000 and pledge $1.2 million by 2014. Combined with the Oprah fund, they're supporting 71 students.

David Rodell Boyd II Shoebox Christmas Program
Started in 2009 by current Oprah Scholar Julian Boyd to honor his brother, who died in a car crash, Shoebox has given away hundreds of toys to impoverished preschoolers in Atlanta.

As an associate at J.P. Morgan in 1995, Rasheed met Luis Belén, an intern from East Harlem. Rasheed became Belén's mentor, introducing him to colleagues, teaching him trading floor etiquette, and buying him an interview suit. Belén now owns a business consulting firm.

Medic Success
Inspired by Rasheed's example of service, Belén launched Medic Success, a firm that connects health providers and agencies with underserved (particularly Latino) communities.



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