Anthony Jewett

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Anthony Jewett, Class of '03
A first-generation college student, Jewett lost his freshman-year grant due to poor grades. When he returned to Morehouse following a summer of volunteer work in Africa, the school offered him the Oprah scholarship, which was, he says, "a miraculous second chance."

Teach for America
After graduation, Jewett became a bilingual elementary school teacher in the Bronx, working with kids who rarely left their neighborhoods.

National Center for Global Engagement (NC4GE)
Drawing from his teaching experiences, Jewett cofounded NC4GE, which has sent more than 250 students from high-needs schools to study abroad in 26 countries.

Project Reach
On an NC4GE trip to Panama, high school student Serah Wise met girls and women who lacked basic supplies like toothpaste and tampons. Upon returning to the United States, she helped start Project Reach, a group that sent 1,000 toiletry kits back to Panama.

Mujeres Bella Leer
Through NC4GE, high school student Adia Dightman visited villages in Argentina where literacy rates were low,then started a reading program for women in Houston, her hometown.



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